Introducing Admin Hero Academy

Today, I’m excited to announce the next evolution of Admin Hero and it’s coming in the form of Admin Hero Academy!

When Admin Hero started in 2012, ButtonClick Admin was the most popular Salesforce Admin blog (perhaps the only Salesforce Admin blog). Trailhead didn’t exist, and the bulk of Salesforce content was found through Salesforce’s Help and Training website or the Success Community.

Times have changed. Blogs abound with excellent content. Podcasts are popping up everywhere, and local community groups have introduced new and innovative ways to help educate their local communities. With the introduction of Salesforce Trailhead in 2014, we saw a new and exciting way to learn Salesforce.

With all of this content, I still receive regular emails that ask not how to learn Salesforce, but how to find and get a job in the Salesforce ecosystem. It’s clear that there is plenty of free content to teach you how to do Salesforce, but there is not much content available for how to get a job and become an Admin Hero. And this is how we get to Admin Hero Academy.

In a survey of 100 Admin Hero email subscribers, I found that 81% of respondents felt overwhelmed with the amount of information in the ecosystem and 75% felt that Admin Hero would be a welcomed resource in the ecosystem because it would help to consolidate information from a trusted resource.

Admin Hero Academy Overview

Admin Hero Academy is a new concept that focuses on mentorship. It’s a platform that connects eager learners with each and, and with me! The Academy has three main focus areas:

  • Online Courses
  • Group Mentorship
  • Mastermind Group

Online Courses

Online learning is big. Salesforce has seen great success with Trailhead, and organizations like Udemy and Pluralsight are seeing vast numbers of people signing up to teach and learn.

Admin Hero Academy aims to create topical courses that students can work through at their own pace. The content will be multi-media driven with instructor-led videos, workbooks, and hands-on activities.

Like Trailhead or Udemy, you can work through these courses at your own pace. But unlike Trailhead, there is no challenge check which can sometimes become frustrating to users and creates friction in the learning process.

Group Mentorship

While online courses are great, I’m most excited about group mentorship and the Mastermind because this is where the learning will take place!

New Salesforce talent wants to ask questions. They want to get into their specific use cases, and they want to learn from those with experience in the field they are hoping to get into.

Group mentorship focuses on providing unique content in a group setting through monthly live video chats with mentees in a group setting. The content won’t focus on the “how to” of Salesforce, but instead, focus on the soft skills you’ll need as a Salesforce professional. We’ll focus on concepts and topics such as:

  • Personal branding techniques (and why it’s essential)Planning your work day for successUnderstanding your personality type and how to leverage your strengths in your organization

Our live video chat sessions, I’ll also be interviewing special guests who will bring a unique perspective to your career.

You’ll also gain access to the Admin Hero Academy forum where you can engage with other Academy members and me to further discuss these topics, or whatever else you want to discuss!

The Heroes Mastermind

For those that want an additional level of access to the experts, I’ll be offering a Mastermind group. This exclusive group will consist of no more than ten individuals at a time, and I will facilitate the group.

Mastermind groups focus on building a career and personal success by facilitating brainstorming, accountability, education, and goal setting among the group members.

The Mastermind will meet monthly through a virtual meeting, and we’ll have regular discussion and exercises throughout the month. Mastermind groups will run for a limited number of months so that a new class can gain access.

Because of the limited number of group members, users will need to apply to the Mastermind and be accepted by Admin Hero Academy.

Generating Value for Members

You may have seen that I’ve been using the term members quite a bit in this post, and that’s on purpose. Admin Hero Academy will offer only paid content while the Admin Hero blog will remain free.

Why charge for the content?

This is a great question! There are two reasons that Admin Hero Academy will charge for its content. Let’s take a look at both.

1. We all have skin in the game

Free content can be fantastic. But, when all of the content is free, at some point it becomes a losing value proposition for someone and that is usually the person producing the content.

Admin Hero Academy is different than free blog content for two reasons:

  1. You’re getting exclusive content generated by me specifically for the Academy.
  2. You’re getting me.

The level of personal engagement and pre-planning that will go into managing the Academy will be far greater than creating content for Admin Hero. When you pay for content, it helps me prioritize my time and commitments. You’re paying for a service which I have promised to deliver. As a result, I’ll ensure that I’m delivering on my promise.

But this goes both ways.

When you pay for content, you expect consistency and quality, and that’s what you will get with Admin Hero Academy. Not only that but by putting up a paywall, it ensures that just the most dedicated and earnest people are going to sign-up and engage and this is what I’m looking for.

Anyone can sign-up for an email newsletter, but not everyone engages with the content. When you’re paying for the content, you have skin in the game. You’re going to make it worth your while to engage and learn.

A side benefit to all of this then is that you will engage with people just as passionate as you within the Admin Hero Academy community which means that your engagement with other community members will be high quality. We all share a common goal, and we want to help each other reach that goal.

So, by putting up a paywall for content, we all win! But, there is a second reason that paid content makes sense too.

2. No Sponsors

It costs money to build and manage a website. It’s no secret that Admin Hero has sponsors because it costs about $1,000 a year to maintain the site. To keep the content free and the website up and running with the level of quality you’ve experienced thus far, sponsors help to cover the costs!

While I love sponsors for that reason, I don’t want to have to manage Admin Hero Academy in light of sponsors. You are the person paying for the content, so you should be the one to dictate what you want to see or how you want to engage with it.

Finding and managing sponsors also takes time. That time takes away from content generation. Paying for content generates a sustaining business model and provides more control over the content.

So, this is why the Academy will offer only paid content.

The actual pricing of content will be ironed out as we get into the beta launch of the Academy, and the exact pricing will become available when we perform a full launch later this year.

How do I get started?

Hopefully, you’re excited and interested in this new chapter of Admin Hero, or you know someone who is! I’m super excited to see what the response looks like, and to get this officially off the ground.

Admin Hero Academy has not formally launched yet. There is still quite a bit of work to get the structure of the website into place and work out some of the logistics before opening the doors. I’m also busy working on getting content planned out and created for the beta launch.

While the Academy hasn’t officially launched, you can visit the landing page and sign-up for updates. There is no obligation to register once the Academy is live. By signing up, you’ll be added to a separate email list specifically for Admin Hero Academy.

And, if you think this is something you are genuinely interested in, I’m hoping to hear from you with thoughts and opinions. What kind of content do you want to see or have discussed in the Academy? This is a collaborative effort, and your feedback and insights are going to be what help to ensure that the content is relevant and exciting for you as a member.

Please share your thoughts! Leave a comment below or email me at

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