As much as I want Admin Hero to be your sole source of Salesforce information, I know that there is a lot of other valuable information that you may find helpful. So, here is a list of the items that I have found useful in my journey as a Salesforce Administrator. Hopefully, you will find these resources just as valuable.

This page will be updated with new resources as they become available.

If you have a great resource you want to share, send me an email:

Sites Community – if you’re looking for a place to discuss the most recent blog post, or just want to share what is happening in your org and collaborate with others around various topics, join the Community Chatter group on the Success Community. Just login using your Salesforce credentials and begin discussing! – Melissa is a great up and coming Salesforce Community star, helping Administrators take their careers to the next level. I joked with her that Admin Hero is like high school and her content is like college! Her focus is on Salesforce project management and process improvement for experienced Salesforce Administrators.

Wizard News – Brian Kwong is a hoot. You probably know him better as the Salesforce Wizard. His blog contains great articles around Flow, Process Builder, Person Accounts and some off-the-wall humor. Check out his site.

Exploited Dev Orgs – dedicated to helping you learn Salesforce through the exploitation of a free developer org, Geoffrey Flynn has a witty humor and some great ideas for how to manage your life (and learn some Salesforce skills) through a developer edition org. Whiteboard Series – fellow MVP Shell Black has a great video series he runs on YouTube. Shell’s videos are easy to understand and provide great educational value. I even watch (and re-watch) these videos to refresh my knowledge and learn something new. Check out his blog at as well!

Instant No Button – for those #whysfdcadminsdrink moments. – my friend David Lui, a Google engineer and self-taught Apex developer, created this site to help us point-and-click admins learn to code in Apex. His tutorials are broken up into chapters and are easy to follow. If you are wanting to learn some Apex, this is the site to use!


PermComparitor – if you have ever had to audit profiles or permission sets you know what a pain it can be. PermComparitor is a free too built on Heroku that makes it really easy to compare permissions by users, profile or permission sets. This is a must use for every Administrator! – this web-based dataloader tool has a beautiful UI and is easy to use. It has most of the same features that the Salesforce dataloader has, but because it runs in a web browser, it can be used on any device from any location which makes it great for those times when you need to quickly manipulate data while on vacation!

Coffitivity – sometimes I find that working from a coffee shop really helps me focus. Sometimes, it’s because of my amount of caffeine intake, but just as much about the atmosphere. For those of us that can’t work from a coffee shop or just want to recreate that environment, Coffitivity is a great web app that plays ambient coffee shop sounds to help boost focus, productivity, and creativity.  have you ever done a Google search and through, “Man, I wish the results that displayed were 100% Salesforce related?” Well, there is a search engine for that! is a search engine that returns only Salesforce related results! Not only that, but it’s tabbed view allows you to see matching results across Salesforce Help documents, blogs, apps and videos! It’s a great resource and one that should be bookmarked on every browser!


Salesforce Trailhead – this new web app allows users to navigate their way through hands-on activities to build their first app! Earn points and badges along the way and become a super app builder! This is a great tool for beginners!

Salesforce Application Limits Quick Guide – this guide is your one-stop-shop for Salesforce limits. A handy guide to print out and have at your desk or bookmarked in your web browser, it covers limits across the application and platform.

Salesforce Workbooks – these easy to follow workbooks walk you through the basics of specific Salesforce topics. For example, use the Analytics Workbook to get hands-on experience with Salesforce reports and dashboards, or the Security Workbook to help gain an understanding of sharing rules and password policies.

Salesforce Cheat Sheets – excellent quick reference guides to hang in your cube or have easily accessible at your desk, these guides provide a great information in a small package.

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Todd Walsh

Hi there,

I am looking for an admin that is familiar with the apto “skin” for salesforce and able to integrate this into my existing outlook/excel CRM platform. Would you or someone you know be a good fit for providing a solution here?


Akshay Kalaria
Akshay Kalaria

Hey Brent was just looking at this great article and wondering is Perm-Comparitor still available in the app exchange I couldn’t find it. Would be a great help for me.

Akshay Kalaria
Akshay Kalaria

Sorry found it.

Nahush Gupte
Nahush Gupte


Thank you for you hard work. This site is very enlightening.

I was wondering if you knew of anything similar but for Marketo?

Would be extremely helpful.