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I have been a Salesforce Administrator for several years now, and if you are like me, you have searched for Salesforce best practices, tips and tricks, how-toes, opinions and more in order to be an effective and successful admin. This is why I am writing this blog. I am not pretending to know everything, but my hope is that with the wealth of other Salesforce bloggers, you will be able to supplement information from this and other resources to make you a workplace hero!

Currently, I work for Gates Corporation out of Denver Colorado. Gates is a multinational industrial and automotive parts manufacturer. I have been a part of the Gates team since 2011 when I was hired to be the first Salesforce.com Administrator of the company. Gates was in the beginning process of rolling out Salesforce Sales Automation to our national offices and I was hired to assist with this process. To date, I have helped with the implementation in the United States, India, Mexico, Middle East and Europe. I am the full-time Salesforce Administrator for the Americas (Canada, United States, Mexico and South America) and I work regularly with others around the world.

This blog will be focused mainly on my experiences as an administrator in a multinational organization; the struggles we (Gates) has encountered and how we conquered them; the best practices that we have created and are enforcing and more.

I am excited about this new journey, and I hope that you will join me as we collaborate and share information which will make us all heroes in our organizations! I encourage you to share, comment and post on this site to further expand the conversation and increase the knowledge of Salesforce awesomeness!


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    Welcome to Admin Hero

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